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Weekly Horoscope by Pandit Parashar
4/18/2014 - 4/24/2014

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ARIES(March 21 to April 20): You are just inches away from hitting the bulls eye and it can happen any day after 14th. Financial rewards will be much greater than earlier anticipated. Help will come from totally unexpected place to overcome a tricky situation. You may attend a social event with family. Spouse may complain of some aches and pains.

TAURUS(April 21 to May 20): The situation will be now or never. It will be better to go for it with full swing. Money you need will definitely become available when the real time comes. You may purchase some advanced electronics gadget for personal use.Some one close will try to test your patience, stay calm. You will start cutting down on sweets from now.

GEMINI(May 21 to June 20): Life will finally take a dramatic turn for better and the opportunity will be not less than a financial jackpot and you will reap rich rewards for a very long time to come. A needy friend will benefit from your advise. You will start working on an important business trip. A child not doing well lately will clear all difficulties.

CANCER(June 21 to July 22): Improvements or changes you had been waiting for in career can take place this week. A big refund may also show up in mail or bank account. Value of stocks recently purchased will shot up and it will be better to hold on to them only for another two weeks. Idea of taking an overseas trip will continue to boggle your mind.

LEO(July 23 to August 22): Strong Sun will bring confidence back. Most of the issues will get resolved in first attempt. People in business will add new product and need to invest heavily this week. You may need more evidence or paper work to resolve a legal matter. Spouse may ask you to be more diplomatic when dealing with some people you do not like.

VIRGO(August 23 to September 22): People prone to blood pressure problem should be extra careful for next several weeks. There is no harm in keeping an eye on bank balance on regular basis and and avoid big purchases. Pressure at work will increase and the help will be hard to find. Chances are still very strong to get some money from speculation or lottery.

LIBRA(September 23 to October 22): You will keep gathering opinion from people close to back up your plans. The decision will not be easy but you will make up your mind to relocate and start working towards making it a grand success. Expenses will come down a lot this week. You may attend an important meeting and spend some quality time with a famous person.

SCORPIO(October 23 to November 22): If you play your cards right and stick to your demands, the other side will come to your terms quickly. You will also overcome a major road block in your career with the help of an influential person. You may feel little nervous about a child not doing well lately. Bank balance will continue to grow with fast pace.


SAGITTARIUS(November 23 to December 22): Child will be given a lucrative offer to join right after finishing college. You may be asked for additional paper work to get the clearance or approval. You may visit an old friend with family this week. Some of you may also give final shape to an upcoming trip. It will be better to hold on to stocks recently purchased.

CAPRICORN(December 22 to January 19): For those looking for a job exalted Venus will help find one, though it might be less than expectations, but will be a great help to make a come back. People in business will experience slight delay in getting their plans implemented. Some one close will give very practical piece of advice, have an open mind.

AQUARIUS(January 20 to February 18): Planets are in right order to help you with your plans and you should strike with full force. Strong Venus in second will give several opportunities to make some easy money this week. You may take family out to a nice place and relish some good food. You may also start some kind of loan process also for business.

PISCES(February 19 to March 20): Maintain a safe distance from a female you met recently . Value of stocks recently purchased will shot up suddenly and it will be a great idea to dispose them off and wait another week to buy them back. Some of you may start gathering papers to apply for a home loan. Party will be good but avoid driving under the influence.

Pandit Parashar
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